Timing Belt Issues

If it weren't for the timing belt in your car, then the motor wouldn't turn. This is a component that aids in turning the camshaft in the motor. The belt allows for the opening of the shafts at just the right time so that the gears can work together with the power from the motor.

Some of the older cars have a timing chain, which can cause significant damage if it breaks. Most newer cars use a belt because it's more efficient and is quieter while the car is in motion. If the belt ever fails, which is possible after several thousand miles, then the pistons can hit the valves, which will damage the motor.

If you suspect that your timing belt is failing, then visit Courtesy Ford in Breaux Bridge, LA so that it can be examined. The service department can look at the wear and tear on the belt and give you an idea of what to listen for if it begins to fail in the future.

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