Life's a Little Less Hectic with the Ford Focus

Life's hectic, and sometimes you need a few extra features that can make using your vehicle a little bit easier. With the popular compact car, the Ford Focus, there are technology features that will help you get into and out of your car more easily. And they'll also help you be more aware of what's around your vehicle.

With the Intelligent Access and push-button start system, getting into your car is easier. With the fob in your pocket, just put your hand near the door handle. The car door will unlock, letting you inside. You can also start the car with the push of a button. And if you're looking for a way to ensure that nothing is in your way as you're backing out, use the backup camera.

When you're looking for a vehicle that will make your life a little easier, look for features that solve problems in your everyday life. And the Ford Focus has a whole line-up of conveniences.

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