Highlights of Ford 2020 Changes

The auto world is all abuzz in hearing about the 2020 updates that Ford has in store for the North American market. To meet a world that is getting smarter, the manufacturer is revamping its vehicles to become more intelligent by adding more advanced powertrain updates and allowing for full connectivity so that over-air updates become possible. Expect more than 75 percent of its current line to be replaced by the target year.

A new hybrid powerplant with a mobile generator is debuting on the new F-150. Hybrids will also be appearing on the Mustang, Bronco, Explorer, and Escape. Commercial vehicles get advances like 4G LTE connectivity in 2019 on the new transit and Automated Emergency Braking on the future E-Series. Investments will grow in battery-electric vehicles that can be updated over the air.

You can continue to read about the updates of Ford on the Internet. Or you can get first-hand knowledge and a test drive of any arriving models by giving Courtesy Ford in Breaux Bridge, LA a call.

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