Ford Mustang Active Performance Exhaust Audio

The Ford Mustang GT comes with all new options for 2019. There are a ton of ways to personalize this vehicle, including three different engines and an adjustable exhaust system. It’s never been done before, but the latest Mustang GT allows you to change the sound of your exhaust. It’s a little detail that customers have been asking for due to early morning starts and that loud V8 rumble. You can now choose a whisper quiet setting for early morning silence when you want to avoid a run-in with your neighbors.

There are actually four settings, including a super loud exhaust level where you can let everyone know you’ve arrived in your GT. Ford has gone all out with this latest design, allowing drivers to feel the performance and hear the V8 power with several different options for personalization.

You can test drive the latest Ford Mustang GT with three different engines and four different exhaust settings. Ready to check it out? Stop by Courtesy Ford located in Breaux Bridge, LA.

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