Gadgets and Technology in The New Ford Edge

For Breaux Bridge drivers who want to get behind the wheel of a tech-filled vehicle, the new Ford Edge might just be the perfect option. This popular midsize SUV is packed from bumper to bumper with all of the latest gadgets and features.

Here at Courtesy Ford, we have become particularly enamored with the Edge's fantastic available sound system. The Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System offers a truly immersive listening experience for everyone in the Edge's cabin. In other words, the Edge is the perfect place to enjoy your favorite artist's latest song.

Of course, the new Ford Edge isn't just about entertainment. It also features FordPass - an application which makes owning a car more convenient than ever before. Through this app, drivers can lock and unlock the car, schedule service appointments, pay for those appointments, compare fuel prices, find parking, and a whole lot more.

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