The Durable Body of the Ford Super Duty

Since its debut, Ford has continued to make improvements to the Super Duty line of trucks. This popular heavy-duty pickup is engineered with strength and durability in mind. The body of the new Super Duty is made of tough material that lasts.

Every model at Courtesy Ford has a body made of a high-strength aluminum alloy. It's a military-grade material that's tough, yet lightweight. The decrease in weight allowed Ford to put heavier materials elsewhere, such as in the frame and suspension. In addition to being very strong and capable, the aluminum alloy has some additional perks that drivers in Breaux Bridge will appreciate.

It's a very dent-resistant material. You won't have to worry about cosmetic defects from light bumps or small rocks. This makes the exterior finish last much longer. The material also doesn't rust over like other materials. That red rust that affects older vehicles won't be an issue with the Ford Super Duty.

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